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This page shows the upcoming planned regular posts for each month (if I’m that organised!), and maintains links to already published content. The current month’s schedule is obviously a ‘living’ document, and will be subject to some change, either in publication dates, or sometimes in column subject, if a more topical one comes up! See here for 2012 content.

October 2013

[Published]: 30th October: Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: October 2013: In the nick of time, I’m all caught up, with a dungeon map for a DnD Next adventure!

[Published] 25th October: Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: September 2013: The catch-up gathers pace with an overland map of the eastern regions of Tolrendor’s Inner Sea!

[Published] 13th October: Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: August 2013: Yes it’s late, but I personally think it’s a pretty cool map 🙂

September 2013

[Published] 28th September: Wizards Watch: The End of the Beginning…: The DnD Next public play-test has ended, so what’s next?

[Published] 16th September: Map of the Month: Hex Map Coolness: Gothridge Manor has some great hand-drawn hex maps on display

[Published] 14th September: RPG Tech Talk: 3D Virtual Tabletop Kickstarter: Another tech toy gets my money 🙂

[Published] 9th September: DM for Kids: Remember, they’re still kids: DM Dad gets it wrong…

August 2013

[Published] 30th August: Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: July 2013: Better late than never…

[Published] 19th August: Wizards Watch: Tidbits… : Just a smattering of small topics…

[Published] 16th August: RPG Blog Carnival: Campaign Creation: As I start-up my DnD Next campaign, a timely Carnival topic!

[Published] 14th August: RPG Tech Talk: Prep Tools: This is how – tech to the rescue!

[Published] 8th August: DM for Kids: Session Prep: The weekly session challenge is on … how will I cope!?

[Published] 2nd August: Ahhh, Summer: A busy gaming month coming up, despite the lazy days of August!!

July 2013

[Published] 10th July: DM for Kids: The Weekly Game Challenge!: Can I manage a weekly summer holiday gaming schedule??

[Published] 5th July: Wizards Watch: De Planes, De Planes: How is the DnD Next cosmology shaping up?

 June 2013

[Published ] 30th June: Wizards Watch: Deep Magic: The next awesome Kickstarter from Kobold Press!

[Published] 29th June: Map of the Month: Profantasy ‘User Maps’: Check out this great set of resources!

[Published] 23rd June: Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: June 2013: My son’s campaign map!

[Published] 2nd June: RPG Tech Talk: Waiting patientlyYeah right! I can’t wait to get my hands on Realm Works!

May 2013

[Published] 10th May: Wizard’s Watch: Subclasses: Lots of options on the way?

[Published] 12th May: DM for Kids: The Eyes have it!Ideas for a new campaign!

[Published] 30th May: Cartographers Annual Challenge: May 2013: ‘The Adventures of Three’ mark-up map!

April 2013

[Published] 1st April: April Fools (Not..!) An Easter post!

[Published] 23 April: Wizard’s Watch: Embers Stirring?: Is it time to pay attention to DnD Next again..??

[Published] 30th April: Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: April 2103 Tolrendor in Midgard style!

March 2013

[Published] 16th March: Wizards Watch: Phew! A rather random round-up!

[Published] 24th March: Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: February 2103 Ok, ok, a bit late, but at least it’s here!

[Published] 28th March: World-building: History vs Geography Some musings as I re-design the northern regions of Tolrendor.

[Published] 30th March: Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: March 2013 Lots of mapping this month, and I’m up-to-date on the Challenge!

February 2013

[Published] 1st February: February Update

[Published] 17th February: Midgard Campaign Setting Review – Part 5

[Published] 20th February: RPG Tech Talk: Realm Works

January 2013

[Published] 5th January: 2013: Onwards!! Aspirations for the New Year…

[Published] 7th January: Map of the Month: A(nother) view of the Havenscoast: My own mapping efforts make a welcome return to the column.

[Published] 13th January: Midgard Campaign Setting Review: Part 4: Take another look at the wonders and dangers of the World of Midgard.

[Published] 17th January: DM for Kids: Back in the Saddle (literally…)Gaming returns!!

[Published] 22nd January: The Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: January 2013: We start the challenge with a ‘Campaign Recap’ hand-out

[Published] 23rd January: Wizards Watch: DnD Classics dot Com: A new site with old stuff is up!

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