A new journey …

As you can clearly see, this blog has not had much attention over the past few years, after a great run!

It hasn’t been forgotten, but the focus has been elsewhere. With my children busy with exams and growing up (they’re about to start their 3rd and 1st years at University), role-playing time has been unusual.

During this time, I have probably spent more time on my other hobby (which is also my career…), software development. In hobby terms, my interest in programming centres around technology for RPG, as readers of this blog will know from the regular column RPG Tech Talk, and in particular the concept of an open ecosystem of RPG tools that one could select and use inter-operably.

Unfortunately, despite some of the fantastic tools that have come on the market over the last few years (e.g. Roll20, World Anvil, Foundry VTT to name but a few …), I still don’t quite see this happening as I’d love to see…

So I’ve decided to take the plunge and see what I can do about this … or at least put some things out there that help the community.

As a first step I have created a new software brand, Tolrendor Software (I think you can see where that comes from…) and a new blog to chart my journey:

I hope you’ll join me … and in the mean-time this blog is going to get some much-needed attention as well!

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