2012 Content

This page is an archive of content posted in 2012, with links.

The current Content Calendar can be found here.

December 2012

[Published] December 14th: RPG Tech Talk: Taking Notes

[Published] December 23rd: Midgard: Campaign Setting Review Part 3

[Published] December 25th: Merry Yuletide from TolrendorDM

[Published] December 31st: 2012: A Year in Review

November 2012

[Published] November 20th: Wizards Watch: One Tale Ends…

[Published] November 24th: RPG Blog Carnival: Game Writing…

[Published] November 25th: Midgard: Campaign Setting Review – Part 2

[Published] November 29th: DM for Kids: No RPG Slots

[Published] November 30th: Map of the Month: Mapping Worlds

October 2012

[Published] 17th October: Wizards Watch: An Admission

[Published] 28th October: Midgard: The World is Ready…

September 2012

[Published] 26th September: RPG Blog Carnival: Playing in Established Settings

[Published] 24th September: Midgard Goodies

[Published] 20th September: RPG Tech Talk: ORP and the Die (or Dice…)

[Published] 18th September: Map of the Month: Earlsdale Interactive Map

August 2012

[Published] 13th August: Content Corner: Havenscoast Locales

[Published] 30th August: RPG Tech Talk: A e-Module Kickstarter

July 2012

[Published] 17th July: RPG Tech Talk: Gametable Tech

[Published] 18th July: Wizards Watch: Summer Lull; Storm Clouds Gather…

[Published] 24th July: DM for Kids: Holiday Packing

June 2012

[Published] 1st July: DM for Kids: DnD Next

[Published] 29th: Map of the Month: Mount Arghuangeusk by Abigail Daker

May 2012

[Published] 14th: RPG Tech Talk: iBooks and iBooks Author: Is this the future of RPG electronic publishing?

[Published] 18th: Map of the Month: In the beginningHow did mapping become such a passion?

[Published] 22nd: Content Calendar: Rats BelowA short urban delve … in PDF format this time…

[Published] 23rd: Wizards Watch: Maps and Minis – A FallacyThere’s a lot of talk around about the ‘Grid’.

April 2012

[Published] 9th: DM for Kids: Campaign MentorsDo they work in a kid’s campaign?

[Published] 14th: Wizards WatchAs usual, there’s lots going on, but not enough for many 🙂

March 2012

7th: Wizards WatchA round-up of D&D Next news.

18th: Content Calendar: A nasty Feywild beastie – The Spider Fey.

21st: DM for KidsMerit Badges for a kids’ DM!

26th: RPG Tech TalkThe second part of the article on PDF protection.

30th: Map of the MonthThe Jon Roberts vibe continues, and the Havenscoast theme – this time with a city map!

February 2012

8th: Wizards Watch: DnD Next: A look at what we know so far, and how it looks from a TolrendorDM perspective.

13th: Map of the Month: Havenscoast OverlandA regional map of the Havenscoast, using the Jonathan Roberts overland style.

17th: DM for Kids: Session PropsKids love the battle maps, minis and other paraphenalia that fit neatly with the 4E playing style.

22nd: RPG Tech Talk: The PDF Dilemma (Part 1)Some ideas about how published PDFs can be protected.

29th: Content Corner: Havenscoast Overview: A Gazetter style introduction to the Havenscoast region of Tolrendor.

January 2012

4th: Wizards Watch: Christmas Presents A look at some holiday season offerings on the Wizards website. This turned out to be prophetic more rapidly than I had expected…

11th: Content Corner: Buying a Horse… presents a Skill Challenge centred round an adventurers’ shopping expedition!

18th: Map of the Month: Jonathan Roberts Style Battlemaps.

25th: DM for Kids: The Menagerie. The intrepid adventurers … and their beastie companions, roll into town.

31st: RPG Tech Talk: 5E Tech. Given the major announcement from Wizards of the Coast, the topic was changed a look at potential technology options for the next iteration of D&D!

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