Cartographer’s Annual Challenge 2013

At the beginning of January, I set myself the challenge of using each issue of the Profantasy Cartographer’s Annual as it came out. I’ve subscribed to this since its inception in 2007, and whilst I totally recommend it to anyone, too often I don’t get around to utilising individual issues, as I tend to stick to my ‘tried and trusted’ styles.

So, the terms of the challenge are that each month, I produce and publish a map using the Annual issue for that month, which must be relevant to my current campaign (the Amber Tower), or my world (Tolrendor).

This page is a collection of all the images (click on the image for a full-size view), and links to the individual posts, for your convenience 🙂


An overland style reminiscent of 1930’s travel guides … so obviously I used it for a detail map of the dangerous region known as the Barrens:


December Post


A hex style using the standard CC3 fills and symbols inspires a reworking of my classic Havenscoast hex map.

Havenscoast Area Map B4 Annual Nov 13

November Post


A black and white Dungeon style to go with the July issue. I used it create a hobgoblin encampment for a DnD Next Adventure:


October Post


An overland style based on the wonderful work of TJ Vandel, of the Cartographer’s Guild.  I mapped the same region as shown below for the July issue:

Tolrendor - Inner Sea SE - CA81

September Post


A science-fiction style intended for the High Space game, and similar genres. In a fantasy vein, I used this to produce a map of Tolspace, the Spelljammer setting for my Tolrendor world.


August Post


Another stunning overland style from Pär Lindström, this time in B&W and inspired by classics like the original Tolkien maps!

Tolrendor - Inner Sea SE - CA79 - 2

July Post


The June issue was an overland style inspired by a web-comic!!

ScaryLand Annual June 13

June Post


May’s Issue was a symbol catalogue, providing lots of markers for annotating your maps.

Annual Challenge May 13 - 2

May Post


Another Jon Roberts style for April, based on his wonderful maps for the Midgard Campaign Setting.

Tolrendor - Northern Region - CA76

April Post


Back to an overland style (my favourite!) in March. This challenge entry is a view of the (newly detailed) northern regions of Tolrendor.

Tolrendor - NE Region - CA75

March post.


February offered a 3D Perspectives style:


February post.


The January issue provided a style for player handouts, designed primarily for modern/horror RPGs. I took a fantasy twist on this:


January post.

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