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D&D 40th Anniversary: Words to Celebrate

Over at the lair of the Kobolds, they’ve been running a cool D&D 40th Anniversary series of articles (one, two, three, four…) where they ask various luminaries of the RPG world four questions about their past and present D&D experiences. … Continue reading

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D&D: The 40th Anniversary

According to Jon Peterson, author of Playing at the World, a history of wargaming and role-playing games, January the 26th 2014 is the date to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the birth of the world’s oldest and most popular role-playing game!! … Continue reading

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Another Kickstarter to back?

Kickstarters continue to come along fast and furiously, despite some of the bad press they’ve had recently in the RPG world for lateness or collapse. This new one by Bruce Heard looks very interesting. Back in the halcyon days of … Continue reading

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Wizards Watch: DnD Classics dot com!

It’s been foreshadowed on many blogs for several days, and now it has come to pass: a new website ( run by DriveThruRPG) is now live offering a large range of TSR and Wizards of the Coast products in PDF … Continue reading

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DM for Kids: No RPG Slots!

No D&D for the last couple of months! 😦 A combination of in-laws and other relatives staying with us most of the last 3 months; my son starting his first year at secondary school in September, with all the acclimatisation … Continue reading

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RPG Blog Carnival: Playing in Established Settings

This month’s RPG Blog Carnival is over at Dice Monkey, and takes on the topic of RPG play in established settings! So what do we get out of established settings that make them appealing, or not!? Well the first answer … Continue reading

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Wizards Watch: Maps and Minis – A Fallacy

A few weeks back, a DnD Next blog came out about ToTM (Theatre of the Mind) vs Grid based combat. A follow-up came out recently. Boy have these articles stimulated some internet inches (yards…) of comment! Its clear from the … Continue reading

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Map of the Month: In the beginning…

A few weeks ago I was browsing the Profantasy forums, and I came across a post by someone looking for advice on creating a style reminiscent of the maps in the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings. That got … Continue reading

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Wizards Watch: A Smorgasbord

What with PAX East seminars and and a rush of blogs its been a busy time in DnD Next land. That of course launches a cascade on comment in the blogosphere! 🙂 Actually I’m beginning to think WOTC have made a bit … Continue reading

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Old School Notes, 4E Style

The Havenscoast Project! Recently, as part of the RPG Bloggers Carnival for April, I posted about the maps I used to create by hand many years ago, and the complex organisation system I developed. Most of the maps I shared were … Continue reading

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