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A new journey …

As you can clearly see, this blog has not had much attention over the past few years, after a great run! It hasn’t been forgotten, but the focus has been elsewhere. With my children busy with exams and growing up … Continue reading

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Heroic Maps – a Shout Out!

I love mapping! There’s nothing better than creating a fun and interesting battle-map… Mapping is hard … it takes a lot of time and effort to produce even one battle-map, let alone enough maps for a whole adventure. Which is … Continue reading

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Icon Rolls

I am definitely not what you would call an ‘off-the-cuff’ DM! The happiest DMing I do is when I’ve prepared well, both in terms of the session that I think I’m going to run, and for those parts of the session that … Continue reading

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Faint Stirrings…

It’s been a long time … dust has settled … As is obvious, it’s 18 months since the last post on this blog. Pretty much dead then? The honest answer is that at times I pretty much thought so. Due … Continue reading

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The Amber Pendant

A new fantasy artist on the block … I’ve posted before about the 4E solo campaign I’m running occasionally (very occasionally as it happens…. doesn’t life just get in the way!!) for my son, called the Amber Pendant. His character … Continue reading

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Map of the Month: CC3+ and Mike Schley Overland

It seems an age since I really got my teeth stuck into a proper map e.g. one which wasn’t just a quick CC3 hack to print out a scale battle-map. For my ‘Amber Pendant‘ solo campaign with my son, I needed … Continue reading

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Down the River

A really fun encounter in my ‘solo’ campaign session with my son today. His character, with a few accomplices, is travelling down-river on a merchant’s barge in pursuit of some nefarious folk who have stolen an ancient artefact known only … Continue reading

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Content Corner: Icon of the Week

Another icon to (hopefully) whet the appetite for adventures in the Havenscoast, this one a powerful and ruthless pirate lord with some dark and dangerous secrets. Certainly when I started my 13th Age Campaign ‘Eyes of Watch’, this icon attracted … Continue reading

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Content Corner: Icon of the Week

Today I hit 10,000 words out my 50k target, yay!! In celebration I thought I’d share another Icon write-up. In fact, I’m going to try and share one every week, hence the post title 🙂 This time it’s the Circle … Continue reading

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Content Corner: The Havenscoast Project

A long time ago, I started ‘The Havenscoast Project‘, an attempt to bring my ancient game-notes from the ’80s forward into ‘modern’ D&D terms, and to publish them on this blog. At the time, I was using 4E D&D. Although I … Continue reading

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