About Tolrendor DM’s Blog

Welcome to my Blog!

The name of the site reflects my status in the wide world of Fantasy RPGs, specifically the oldest (and best…?), Dungeons and Dragons! I’ve been playing D&D since the early 80’s, with the Basic/Expert set, with many changes of system, and significant gaps due to life.

The one consistent thing throughout this time has been that I’ve almost always played as a DM, rather than a player, and that the vast majority of my DMing has been in my home-brew world: Tolrendor! Oh, I’ve dabbled in other worlds (such as the legendary Dragonlance series), and I’ve always used bits of published work in my campaign (for a long time the Savage Frontier of the Forgotten Realms was also the far north of Tolrendor), but home territory has always been my own creation.

Along with many other DMs I’m sure, world building has always been the core reason for my enjoyment of D&D, more even than game systems, and sometimes – (dare I say it…) even gaming itself! I have reams of maps, area descriptions, city keys, notes about weather, gods, historical ages etc.

So when I was sat there in front of the WordPress screen, naming my new blog, and the name seemed obvious really!

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