Heroic Maps – a Shout Out!

I love mapping! There’s nothing better than creating a fun and interesting battle-map…

Mapping is hard … it takes a lot of time and effort to produce even one battle-map, let alone enough maps for a whole adventure.

Which is why I want to call out out what I think is one of the best Patreon sites out there: Heroic Maps….


For $5 a month, you get the following:

  • A 20 by 20/30 (5′ grid) detailed battle map – Map of the Month
  • An alternate version of the MOTM
  • A third map, voted on by patrons
  • An adventure supplement for the MOTM.
  • Regular discounts for Heroic Maps publications on their DrivethruRPG store

I’ve been subscribed for a few months (since April), and have also purchased a number of back-catalogue items. The quality is fantastic, and I can honestly say I’m now thinking of my adventures in terms of ‘how can I use last month’s map’, rather than ‘what map do I need to create’ … I may never design another battle map 🙂

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