Hobby time ahead …

This site has been ‘dead’ for most of the year, with a ‘hell’ year so far at work and a lot of family stuff going on the main culprits. I’ve been pleased to see that my hit rate has stayed relatively constant despite the lack of posting, but I’m sure it will start to tail off soon. Also, there is a bit of site housework to do – I have completely missed the expiry of the RPG Bloggers Alliance – in fact I only noticed because the linked image on the page was gone! This is unfortunate as I used to get quite a few referrals from the site – can anyone recommend a good alternative?

But thankfully there is a pleasant twist in the tale … in June I passed 10 years at my current company, and have been able to make use of one of the company ‘perks’ – the opportunity to take a 3 month period of sabbatical leave! So that’s it, I’m done with work until early November … so what to do with all that spare time …

Of course, I do have a lot of family plans and projects that will take up a fair amount, but I’m certainly planning to get stuck into some gaming projects, and that means a bit more attention to this blog! Hopefully this will be driven by actual gaming activity and projects, along the lines of:

  • Kickstart my 13th Age Campaign (mentioned here). This was also a victim of the year so far – started with a bang and then straight into hiatus!
  • 13th Age Havenscoast Guide. I started this project several years ago for 4E, but it’s morphed into 13th Age. My target is to really make some strides on turning this into something real.
  • The Amber Tower‘, my 4E campaign with my kids, has also had a long break while my daughter went through her GCSE exams, so we’re trying to get back into that! There’s a solo campaign I’m trying to get going for my son as well, for the many times we don’t have a full quorum for the Amber Tower.
  • Mapping. After a couple of years of quite productive mapping work, this has really dried up. I haven’t even tried the new CC3+ version yet, or downloaded most of this year’s Annual. Needs to change 🙂

I’m sure more things will come up, but these are the key projects that I fully hope will get some serious attention in the near future, with posts to follow I hope!


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