Map of the Month: A(nother) view of the Havenscoast

MapoftheMonthLogoIt’s been a while since Map of the Month was some of my own work, rather than someone else’s! It’s a good feeling 🙂

This month’s map is yet another view of the Havenscoast. You can find my previous maps of this area here (original handdrawn) here (hex map re-drawn in Campaign Cartographer), here (player ‘handout’ style map), and here (Jon Roberts overland style from the Cartographer’s Annual). As you can see, it’s one of my most mapped areas! 🙂

The style used in this effort is also from the Cartographer’s Annual: the December 2012 issue. It was designed by Pär Lindström, whose site I showcased in November’s Map of the Month column. I really like this style: the various bitmap fills blend in together so well, and the whole image has a hand-drawn and coloured look. It may well become my default style for Area Maps (see here for an explanation of my mapping organisation!). The only things I didn’t like about the style were: the farmland fill didn’t seem to quite work for me – a bit blocky, and there was no symbol for a (non-evil) castle or fortress. But they’re minor points; overall I am really pleased with this map (click image for larger view). Also, if you want to find out more about the region, have a look at this post.

Area Map B4 Annual Dec 12

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