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January Update

Six days on from my ‘Taking Stock…‘ post, and already I feel like things have changed for the better! Of course this is common to New Year’s resolutions: start off with a hiss and bang with post holiday energy … … Continue reading

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Wizards Watch: Christmas Presents…

Kudos to Wizards of the Coast for managing to keep up their publishing schedule over the holiday period. I must admit that I was expecting nothing on the web-site all week, so it was a pleasant surprise – a bit … Continue reading

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Taking Stock …

The New Year approaches, and with it comes the traditional time of reminiscing about the year just gone, and crystal ball gazing into the many possibilities of the coming one… I started this blog back in January 2011, with no … Continue reading

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A Merry Gaming Christmas …

So what gaming goodness did Santa bring you, and what did you give a fellow gamer?? Well, from the list from the left, I was lucky enough to receive Player’s Option: Heroes of the Feywild! Very much looking forward to … Continue reading

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Well …

… that went well, didn’t it – NOT! There was me in my second to last post, looking forward to the Havencoast project i.e. converting one of the best detailed areas of Tolrendor from its AD&D 2E days into 4E. … Continue reading

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You can never say they don’t try …

WOTC get some terrible press online! That’s a fact! Clearly its an opinion as to whether they deserve it or not, but they certainly get it. In my opinion, there are things I’d like to take them to task for … Continue reading

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Why D&D 4th Edition – Part 1?

This blog will primarily be concerned with the Fourth Edition (4E) of the world’s most famous Roleplaying Game, Dungeons and Dragons! Why is this? Well several reasons really, which I’ll cover over several blogs on this subject, but before moving … Continue reading

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Welcome to ‘Tolrendor DM’s Blog’

 This is the official first post of the new blog. Crazy really – I created it back in June 2010, and now its January 2011 (just!) . Story of my life I’m afraid, but hopefully one which I intend to … Continue reading

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