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RPG Cartography – Another RPG Blog Carnival entry!

  Well, it’s almost the end of the April RPG Blog Carnival on RPG Cartography, so I definitely wanted to contribute another entry. So far, I’ve blogged about my enjoyment of creating my own cool battlemaps, and also linked to my … Continue reading

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Player’s Options – Why Worry?

The interweb has been aflame recently with the Essentials vs. Non-Essentials debate. This is largely driven by the release (today?) of Heroes of Shadow, which presents a number of new Player Character options. I must admit that I am totally … Continue reading

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Since I got back on the role-playing bandwagon (see  About Me…), I’ve been following many of the blogs that are out there, especially via the RPG Bloggers Network . Finally I decided I needed to get in on the act! Why? … Continue reading

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