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You can never say they don’t try …

WOTC get some terrible press online! That’s a fact! Clearly its an opinion as to whether they deserve it or not, but they certainly get it. In my opinion, there are things I’d like to take them to task for … Continue reading

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Why D&D 4th Edition – Part 1?

This blog will primarily be concerned with the Fourth Edition (4E) of the world’s most famous Roleplaying Game, Dungeons and Dragons! Why is this? Well several reasons really, which I’ll cover over several blogs on this subject, but before moving … Continue reading

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Since I got back on the role-playing bandwagon (see  About Me…), I’ve been following many of the blogs that are out there, especially via the RPG Bloggers Network . Finally I decided I needed to get in on the act! Why? … Continue reading

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