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Content Corner: Spider Fey

Recently in the 4E campaign I’m running for my kids, the party had a little detour to the Feywild, to rescue a unicorn foal from some evil fey brigands. When designing the short adventure, I was casting around for a … Continue reading

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Map of the Month: Jonathan Roberts Style Battlemaps

Welcome to the debut of a new column, Map of the Month. Here is where I get to share my passion for fantasy cartography, which I’ve been hooked on since I was a kid being read the Narnia and Middle-Earth … Continue reading

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Content Corner: Buying a Horse …

As promised in my post ‘Taking Stock…‘, on New Year’s Eve just gone, I’m starting several monthly columns as a way of challenging myself to achieve a regular, albeit light by the standards of many of the great bloggers out there. … Continue reading

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Wizards Watch: Out of the Bag …

Well we all knew it was coming, based on the Legends and Lore columns from 2011 (I posted on these last week…), but I’m still surprised it’s out publicly already: A New Edition of Dungeons and Dragons is on the … Continue reading

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Wizards Watch: Fey Paragon Paths

The Feywild is one of the best additions, IMHO, to the 4E D&D cosmos. My current campaign strongly features the overlap of the normal world and its Fey and Shadow ‘mirrors’. Right now, some of the PCs (run by my … Continue reading

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The Monte Cook Question

There seems to have been a fair bit of discussion around the web over Mike Mearls’ annoucement that Monte Cook was rejoining the R&D team at Wizards of the Coast. What did it mean? Where are they going this time? Well, Monte’s … Continue reading

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Old School Notes, 4E Style

The Havenscoast Project! Recently, as part of the RPG Bloggers Carnival for April, I posted about the maps I used to create by hand many years ago, and the complex organisation system I developed. Most of the maps I shared were … Continue reading

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Waiting for Shadow …

May 17th, 2011. The release of the Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond boxed set. I’ve had this on pre-order from pretty much the same day Amazon (at least in the UK) had it on their site! Lots of pre-release reviews are … Continue reading

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Player’s Options – Why Worry?

The interweb has been aflame recently with the Essentials vs. Non-Essentials debate. This is largely driven by the release (today?) of Heroes of Shadow, which presents a number of new Player Character options. I must admit that I am totally … Continue reading

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Why D&D 4E – Part 2?

This post is a continuation of my ‘musings’ on the topic of why I am focussing on 4E for my role-playing, and in this blog, begun here. A second reason is that I’ve used 4E to get into role-playing with … Continue reading

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