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Tech at the Table

Prep time for sessions is always at a premium. Even right now, when I’m on sabbatical leave from work, it seems to take a big chunk of elapsed time to get myself ready for a new session. Of course, this … Continue reading

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Hobby time ahead …

This site has been ‘dead’ for most of the year, with a ‘hell’ year so far at work and a lot of family stuff going on the main culprits. I’ve been pleased to see that my hit rate has stayed relatively … Continue reading

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4E Fun, 13th Age Spice

        As is (I hope) obvious from this blog, 13th Age has definitely caught my fancy! It has definitely inspired a re-working and expansion of many aspects of the World of Tolrendor. I mean when one of … Continue reading

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The First 13th Age Session

As highlighted in a previous post, a couple of weeks ago I ran my first ever session of the 13th Age Roleplaying Game. We’d had a blast creating new characters, with all the interaction and shared story creation promised by … Continue reading

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13th Age Goodness

Although I’ve just started my first 13th Age campaign, I’ve been following it for a while now, and I must say I’m really impressed with the quality of the products that are being released by Pelgrane Press for this game! … Continue reading

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Start of a new Campaign!!

Phew, can you see the cobwebs here … Time for a broom! Things have been very slow of late on this site, but in the background I’ve been ticking along with a few things. On the role-playing front, as I … Continue reading

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RPG Tech Talk: Realm Works – the Future?

Realm Works, the new campaign and world management application by Lone Wolf Development (creator of the very popular HeroLab character creation software) was finally released out of a (very) long Beta/Early Access programme at the end of March 2014, about a … Continue reading

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Winter is coming …

It’s been a good summer, with plenty of sun and BBQs, but with 3 months of parents-in-law, holidays and then parent (Mum) staying, not much time for anything else!! As you can see from the fact that this blog has … Continue reading

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Map of the Month: Eldolan

A real gem this month, from the Pelgrane Press website newsletter, combining two of my current favourite things: maps by Pär Lindström, and the 13th Age RPG. This fantastic town map, done in a classic style which Pär has developed (and … Continue reading

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Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: April 2014

Once again I’ve got a bit behind here, so I’m just posting my effort for the April Annual issue, which I highlighted here. Going along with the ‘Volcanic Island’ vibe, this map depicts the Isle of Heldan (first shown in … Continue reading

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