The Annual Challenge: April Issue

I didn’t quite get as far as I wanted on the March Challenge, having found that merging a Fractal Terrains full ‘world’ with an already created ‘world map’ in CC3 is not that easy šŸ™‚ There are a number of tutorials and posts on the subject, but I didn’t get enough time to go through the whole process. Still, I did produce a couple of cool looking ‘Tolrendor’ projections with the help of FT3, shown here, so I’m happy that I met the requirements of my challenge! I do expect to update this over the coming months as a side-project.

The April issue is now out, and is a style based on the winner’s map from the recent Profantasy competition, which I posted about here. It’s a regional style well suited to islands and small regions, just like the subject of the competition! After a month spent ‘thinking big’ across the entire Tolrendor globe, it will be nice to drill down to the detail again!

Annual Volcanic Island

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