The Annual Challenge: February Issue

CA3ExamplesIts the first of the month, and that’s Cartographer’s Annual issue date! For February 2014, the issue is all about the new Character Artist 3 (CA3) add-on, which was released recently.

This product allows you to create character or monster portraits using a huge number of bitmap symbols, and then to export these for use on your character sheets, or to create paper minis for your tabletop. The Annual issue comes with a ready-made set of heroes and monsters all set to print and assemble, and of course it has the CC3 files included in case you want to fiddle about with them.

I’ve never used CA3 before – in fact I’ve just purchased it today so I can play about with this issue, so I’m not sure what my contribution to this month’s Challenge is going to be yet, so you’ll have to watch this space.

If you’re thinking of joining the Challenge, I’d love to see your work. Anything to do with character portraits, whether made in CA3 or not, or paper minis is fair game I reckon 🙂 Just link to your posts in the comments below…

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