Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: January 2014

The January 2014 Annual issue is a style for producing small-scale overland maps suited for early modern settings; the clue is in the name: “World War 2 Area Maps” 🙂

Once again, the question was how to use this style in my fantasy setting. Well, last March, I created an overland map of the northern regions of Tolrendor. One of the inspirations for this map was the Holy Roman Empire i.e. medieval Germany, so I decided to use this new style to create a overview map of a major city in this region, Reinbergen. In keeping with the mapping guide, I even used a real city (from Google Maps) as a model – guesses as to the name of the real city in the comments please 🙂 I’m sure it’s easy …


I’m very pleased with the result – this style is perfectly suited to city overview maps in any genre, especially with the excellent contour drawing tools – this is something missing from many of the city styles.

One thing I’d like to add to this style would be some drawing tools/symbols for city walls/towers etc, as I think even at this ‘overview’ scale a medieval style city would benefit from this.

Overall, another great style from the Cartographer’s Annual, and a worthy start to the 2014 Challenge!!

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2 Responses to Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: January 2014

  1. Tad Davis says:

    Again, a very nice piece. Have you considered showcasing your work over at the Cartographers Guild ( There are a few CC3 users there but I haven’t seen anyone who uses the software to produce maps in quite this style.

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