Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: December 2013

I’ve done it!! Slightly late as usual, but here is my offering for the final Annual Issue of 2013!!


The style was named “1930’s Overland”, and is designed to mimic the famous Baedeker travel guide maps; not exactly intended for a fantasy setting then 🙂

However, the style has a very effective hand-drawn look, so will be great for player hand-outs in any type of campaign. The example above is centred on the wild and broken lands between the city-state of Camlan and the ancient demon realm of Gorak, known as the Barrens. Drawn by the chief scribe of the Knights of Watch, a chivalric order who patrol this dangerous  region incessantly, a copy is quite likely to be found in the saddle-bags of any Troop Captain, or perhaps carried by one the ‘Eyes’, the scouts and spies of the order (you can find more about this region in the Havencoast Guide)!!

So there you have it!! I have successfully achieved my goal of producing a map set in my Tolrendor setting for every Annual Issue of 2013 – 12 maps that I must admit I’m very pleased with! If you want to review the whole twelve, please have a look here for an overview!!

Meanwhile, 2014 has already started, so what am I waiting for …

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2 Responses to Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: December 2013

  1. Tad Davis says:

    Hey that turned out nicely! Didn’t realize CC3 was so versatile in terms of its scope of styles.


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