Wizards Watch: DnD Next Release

Wizards Watch LogoWell it’s official!! Everyone had assumed anyway I think the DnD Next (or whatever they will actually call it…) would be released for GenCon 2014, and Thursday’s press release seems to support that!

A lot of chatter across about this across the internet, including a lot of comments on the ‘multiple gaming platforms’ suggestion in the text. To my mind this is simply Wizards’ strategy around the ‘Sundering’  i.e releasing novels, D&D Encounters seasons and even now iOS games which all tie into the storyline in some way. All of this seems to be a way to keep interest up while there isn’t much in the way of RPG products available until the official launch!

It’s no secret that I haven’t quite got the DnD Next bug. I’ve posted a number of times (for example here and here and here)  about it, always with the intention of starting a playtest, or a mini-campaign, to try it out … but the simple fact is that I haven’t!! Much of this has to do with time pressures hindering any sort of DnD, but a lot has to do with the fact that a) I enjoy creating adventures and DMing in 4E, so it still seems a little premature to be thinking about the next edition and b) well, I’ll be honest … I don’t really know how I feel about DnD Next yet … and given the official product is only around 8 months away, I think now I’ll just wait and see!

So far there has been no mention of any digital tools (e.g. Character Builder and Adventure Tools) which is a worry for me as I totally rely on these for my prep! Also, I certainly hope there is a practical 3rd party licence, as otherwise I think other publishers will simply continue with Pathfinder RPG being the default choice!!

I guess we’ll know next summer!! 😉

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3 Responses to Wizards Watch: DnD Next Release

  1. tolrendordm says:

    Thanks for commenting!! Glad to see you are enjoying Midgard! I agree that Kobold Press are continuously coming out with great new products. Paizo I don’t watch so much as I don’t play Pathfinder, but they do seem to have a very strong line!

    • twiggyleaf says:

      I sometimes wish I could be teenager again just to be able to take on such an abandunce of stuff as there is now available but with the same vigour and energy as I had those first early days where we had to travel 100 miles just to buy a DnD book and then even colour in our own dice with crayons!

  2. twiggyleaf says:

    I can’t really find much enthusiasm for DnDNext. I was prepared to take on 4e but none of my group were and so we stuck to 3.5 In the last couple of years we have moved to Pathfinder and there is such an abundance of new stuff from Paizo and Kobold Press (I have taken on the Midgard Campaign Setting big time) that I am simply NOT ON THE LOOKOUT……

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