Another Kickstarter to back?

WorldOfCalidarKickstarterKickstarters continue to come along fast and furiously, despite some of the bad press they’ve had recently in the RPG world for lateness or collapse.

This new one by Bruce Heard looks very interesting. Back in the halcyon days of TSR, Bruce was responsible for the world of Mystara, the default world of D&D (i.e. Basic, Expert etc…). For several years he wrote a column in Dragon Magazine “The Voyage of the Princess Ark”: the adventures of a skyship exploring the lesser known regions of the Known World … with RPG notes thrown in as well of course. It was always one of the first columns I turned to when I picked up a new copy of Dragon!

From his blog, it seems like Bruce attempted to interest Wizards of the Coast in re-kindling this series/setting, but to no avail, so he has decided to launch a similar concept in an original setting. The project mixes fiction and RPG material; Bruce will be the main writer, but it also includes work from Ed Greenwood (no intro required…) and Ben Wootten (well known from his work on the Lord of the Rings movies).

The project has funded pretty quickly (2 days!), so looks like there will be plenty of scope for meeting stretch goals, mainly extra art and maps etc.

Looks like I’m going to have to tip out the money-box for another project 🙂

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