What’s up with my computer??

Well, very interesting. Thanks Callin for the useful information … it would seem the problem is accessing the RPG Blog Alliance site from my work computer!! If I use a non-work connection it all seems to be fine!! Just to prove I’m not (completely) mad, here is a screenshot of what I get (and have done for multiple weeks) when I try and access the home page via work:



Guess that teaches me for indulging in my hobby from work!! 🙂

Please ignore the below ….



This may be old news, and in fact I did notice some weeks ago, but didn’t post anything as to be honest I was expecting some announcement … but all seems to have gone very quiet!

The RPG Blog Alliance site (at http://www.rpgba.org/) seems to have been hacked – does anyone know what is going on?

Seems kind of pointless having a banner linking to it on my site if it’s truly dead …

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2 Responses to What’s up with my computer??

  1. callin says:

    My posts are still showing up there and I still see a large number of new ones everyday.

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