Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: October 2013

Well just in the nick of time, I’ve caught up in the Annual Challenge!!

October’s issue was a Dungeon style, again by Pär Lindström, in black and white  designed to match with the Overland style from the July issue. If you count his regional Overland style from last December, it really has been his year as far as the Annual is concerned … who knows, maybe a Master Mapper award should be in the pipeline!

My effort for this month is a hobgoblin encampment based in an old ruined fortress and cave complex. It is designed for my first DnD Next campaign, set in the Havenscoast of Tolrendor:


The style was quick and simple to use, and as with all of Pär’s work, even in black and white, the symbols and fills blend together beautifully. With the addition of some subtle sheet effects, this style is quite striking. There are a large number of really detailed line-art symbols, making it easy to put together any number of great dungeon and/or battle maps. And of course, they will go much easier on your printer!!

Well, it’s been a busy and fun month of mapping in order to catch up with my Challenge, and in 2 days, a new issue will be out – can’t wait 😉

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