Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: September 2013

Getting there, getting there…

As mentioned, I’m behind in my Annual Challenge, but pushing to be up-to-date by the end of October!!

So here is my effort for the September issue: another stunning overland style called ‘DeRust Overland’, based on the work of one of the awesome cartographers (TJ Vandel) that ply their trade over at the Cartographers’ Guild. I decided to map the same region as I mapped in the July issue; the eastern regions of Tolrendor’s Inner Sea. It’s always interesting to see how the same map comes across when using different styles, so here it is:

Tolrendor - Inner Sea SE - CA81

In the mapping guide for this style, it is noted that this style is centred around the huge variety and quality of the mountain symbols. This is definitely true; they are truly beautiful, and I think would work just as well in many other overland styles that have been published over the years. I also like the pale, almost bare parchment look of the landmasses, which blends beautifully with the subtle terrain fills. If there is anything that I’m not 100% on, it’s that the sea almost looks too bright in contrast to the rest of the map, but this is a minor thing really, and could be altered with a bit of tweaking (or completely changed, as Pär Lindström did in an example using this style!).

So, then one map to go before the end of October and I’m back on track …

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