RPG Tech Talk: 3D Virtual Tabletop Kickstarter

RPGTechTalkLogoThere’s a very interesting Kickstarter in the works, with 6 days to go: 3D Virtual Tabletop: Visually Stunning RPGs on iPad, Android. I’ve become a backer, and I’d recommend you check it out …

In summary, it’s an app that allows you to import map and side-view ‘token’ images (a decent number also come with the app), and then use these images in a 3D view that mimics a real gaming table. You can rotate, zoom, scroll, adjust the viewing angle, and of course move your characters and monsters around:


Even better, you can already try out the app from either the iTunes store (if you have an Apple device) or from Google Play (the other lot…). This version is standalone, but has all the basic functions. The major enhancement that the Kickstarter version brings is a subscription-based service that allows multiple devices to share the same map. This means a DM can load up a map and tokens, and the players can move their characters around the map using their own devices!

The Kickstarter has been running for some time now, and is funded well over its original target, which of course means there are lots of stretch goals that have been unlocked. Many of these are extra features for the app (such numbering miniatures, line of sight, more precise rotation etc.), but also the addition of extra maps and tokens, from partners such as Battle! Studio and Lord Zsezse Works. There’s a lot of goodies in store! 🙂

What I really like about the concept however, is that it’s designed to be a tool that helps at a real game table, rather than being intended for online play. Although I know these days lots of people do play over the internet while sitting at their computers … but I’m sure this is still a significant minority. This app is a sensible application of technology that could make a normal face-to-face role-playing game smoother and better.

I know I’m looking forward to firing it up, especially with being able to use AirPlay to show the battle-map on a large screen. It could save me a fortune in printer inks 🙂

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