Ahhh, Summer…

20130802-095336.jpgIn actual fact, as I steal 10 minutes in the office to start this post, rain is beating against the windows!! Summer in the UK I guess … although to be fair the weather has been pretty awesome for the last few weeks after a pretty poor start 😉

So what do the lazy days of August have in store at TolrendorDM’s blog?

Well first thing is that due to family holidays and house guests, I haven’t yet got my July Cartographer’s Annual Challenge entry up!! That should get rectified this weekend!

I’m just back from a wonderful couple of weeks in the Lake Garda area of northern Italy, surrounded by clear water, mountains, and of course, medieval towns and castles. A great time was had by all the family, and as ever when I visit places with such wonderful heritage, I come back inspired with campaign ideas! Some thoughts on that to follow in another post.

The Monday coming is the first session of my summer holiday Weekly Game Challenge!! There’s a lot of prep still to do, and not much time to get it done!! I’ve been looking for opportunities to put in place some new tools and ideas for efficient prep, so look out for some posts on this topic!!

Finally, although it keeps on slipping, I’m still expecting to get my hands on the Early Access release of the RealmWorks campaign data manager! Very much looking forward to seeing how it really rocks (at least I hope…) so more on that to come I’m sure …

Hmm, seems August might not be so lazy after all 🙂

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