DM for Kids: The Weekly Game Challenge!

RPGKidsLogoI’ve never run a weekly game! There, I’ve said it! It’s unfortunately the honest truth. My DMing experience back in college/university days was always in ‘burst mode’: we’d have a few sessions in a short space of time, followed by a lull due to scheduling issues, or simply cos further preparation time was required between adventures.

Regular readers of this column will also know that I have been getting frustrated over the last six months or so with the intermittent sessions we’ve been able to achieve in my kids’ campaign. So far this year we’ve achieved 4 sessions!! Yep, 4 measly sessions!!

And by the way, this is not down to session prep (as the adventure we’re currently running was fully prepped before we even started it…), this is solely down to the scheduling issues of a busy modern early teen family!! Typically weekends are taken up with sporting activities, and when not, homework takes up the slack. D&D unfortunately comes a distant last …! Week-nights are no good due to homework, or kid’s bedtimes, especially as I’m seldom home from work before 7.30-8pm.

But now its almost the Summer holidays. Yay. The weekends are likely to be just as busy, but week-nights are a possibility – no homework, and less stringent bedtimes. So I’m setting myself a challenge: Monday night is game night!! That is, every Monday night during the holiday period, we’re going to game!

I’ve got a maximum of one session left in the currently prepped adventure, and then I’m in unknown territory …! I’ll definitely be making use of the book Never Unprepared: The Complete Gamemaster’s Guide to Session Prep, which I mentioned in a previous column.

Wish me luck – this is something new for me, and it could be tough 🙂 I know lots of you out there do this week-in, week-out, so it doable…! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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