Map of the Month: Profantasy ‘User Maps’

MapoftheMonthLogoMost of my mapping efforts so far this year have been sucked into my personal Cartographer’s Annual Challenge, so the Map of the Month column has been a bit lacking.

So instead, why don’t you check out the June ‘User Maps‘ blog post on the Profantasy web-site. This is a collection of some of the maps posted by the user community on the website’s forums over the past month. In June, I’m very pleased to see that two of my maps from this site made it into the post. But check out the others – there are such awesome maps posted every month that most of the time I’m surprised my examples even make the grade 🙂

You don’t need a login to view them (although you do if you want to post to the forums themselves) and you don’t need any Profantasy products either, as they’re posted in normal image formats. Below are the direct links for some previous posts; I’m sure you’ll agree there are a huge variety of wonderful maps created by the community:







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