Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: May 2013

The May 2013 Annual issue was somewhat different than many, presenting a library of symbols intended for adding information and markers to your maps.

For this month’s Challenge entry, I decided to create a marked-up map showing the key travel routes and incidents from a fantasy story I have been writing for my kids. It is set in my world, Tolrendor, and initially centred around the Havenscoast region. Having lain neglected for quite some time, I recently finished off the first couple of chapters and read them to the kids over Easter … and now have strict instructions to keep on writing!! The story is deliberately episodical, and is pretty open-ended in terms of where the main characters will end up … I certainly have no idea 🙂

Anyway, here is the map, which is based on a previous view of the Havenscoast, with the addition of the mark-up and a key (click image for full-size version):

Annual Challenge May 13 - 2

This Annual issue packs in a nice set of symbols, which are great for adding all manner of extra details to a map. I can see the set being very useful for maps which are intended to show historical information such as military campaigns, large-scale migrations etc. As an added bonus, the Mapping Guide (which accompanies every Annual issue) has a useful tutorial on creating symbols and symbol libraries!!

Till the next Issue, keep up the mapping! 😉

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