DM for Kids: The Eyes have it!

RPGKidsLogoAs I’ve mentioned several times over the last six months or so, the Amber Tower campaign, my 4E game with my kids, has stalled somewhat. It’s not to say we’re not enjoying it, the kids are as keen as ever to play – it’s all down to scheduling!!

My daughter, now almost 14, is a keen competition show-jumper, so many weekends for her are taken up training, travelling and/or competing! My son, turning 12, has a number of his own sporting activities, so the overlapping slots are rare …. and generally taken up by the ever-present curse of homework! Weekday evenings don’t work, as I don’t get home from work in time for a session on a school night! Teenage family life; I’m sure many of you know it well! 🙂

In actual fact the real problem is getting all 3 of us together for a game; it’s much more likely that my son and I can find the time, as we’re not the ones tied up with equestrian pursuits! So…. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a solo campaign just for the two of us … and… potentially running it as a DnD Next campaign…

Of course, the purpose of running a DnD Next campaign is at least partly to play-test and explore the new rules. In a solo campaign though, there’s clearly not much variety in the character(s) being run! 🙂 I could DM a series of one-shots with different characters for each adventure, but in my experience that isn’t very satisfying for kids – they tend to invest quite strongly in their characters, and enjoy storyline continuity.

So after a bit of brainstorming I’ve come up with a campaign idea that seems quite fun, and seems to tick a number of boxes:

  • It will be set in the Havenscoast. More specifically, it will centred around the Knights of Watch, the military order which guards the northern regions of the city-state of Camlan against the dangers of the Barrens, and the demon-wastes of Gorak. I’ve been itching to run some adventures in this region, and this area is ripe with possibilities!
  • My son’s main character will be a member of (or at least seconded to…) the ‘Eyes’, a sub-branch of the order which is deployed in scouting, espionage and ‘special-ops’ style missions. This will allow me to mix-up the ‘supporting’ NPCs, with a potentially different ‘cast’ for each adventure, in order to explore a greater range of character builds than otherwise possible.
  • Adventures will be based around episodic ‘missions’, each of which will be designed to gain one level. A single mission might still play out over a number of sessions, but progression will be relatively rapid, again allowing more of the new rule-set to be utilised.
  • In the event my daughter is also available for a session, and I’m not prepared for an adventure in the Amber Tower campaign, it will be relatively easy to drop her into the  game using one of the ‘character’ NPCs included in the mission.

Sound exciting? I think so! 🙂 Now I need to get brainstorming on the first adventure …

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