The Cartographer’s Annual Challenge: April 2013

Just in time for the April entry!!

This month’s Annual Issue was a welcome return for one of my favourite cartography, Jonathan Roberts, who drew the beautiful overland maps in the Midgard Campaign Guide.

In fact, this issue was a style based on these very maps. I decided to map the same area as I did last month, as a comparison between the two. Here is the result:

Tolrendor - Northern Region - CA76

One of the cool things about the Midgard maps is their wealth of detail, but in a readable form, and this style emulates that well. As you can see, I still have a lot of detail to create and fill in, but its a good start.

So which style do I like best [between March and April]. Well, quite honestly I am going to sit firmly on the fence here!! The March style is really striking and quite different, but I have always loved the muted colours and symbol detail of Jon Roberts maps. In my campaign I would probably use the April style more, as its better suited to smaller scale regional maps.

As always, your comments are welcome! 🙂

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