April Fools (Not…!!)

CA76 ExampleIt certainly isn’t at Profantasy Software! The first of the (any…) month is always one to look forward to, as it’s the release of the next Cartographer’s Annual issue!

April’s issue is a new style from Jonathan Roberts, one of my favourite cartographers! Even better, the style is based on his wonderful Midgard Campaign Setting maps that he created both for the setting books, and the iPad app: Midgard Atlas. This month’s Cartographer’s Annual Challenge entry certainly won’t be a chore … except for deciding what to map 🙂

In keeping with the Midgard theme, the issue even includes a Midgard Preview, which hasMidgardPreviewCover a couple of short stories, a new race and an short overview of the wonders of this setting. (If you’re not a subscriber, this preview can also be downloaded for free from the Kobold Press website … just click the image …). If this isn’t enough info to get you excited, you can of course browse my multi-part review of Midgard 🙂

Happy Easter from TolrendorDm’s Blog!!

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