RPG Tech Talk: Realm Works


Just got an update email to say that the Kickstarter for this project by Lone Wolf Development has funded! Great news!

It’s a different style of project from some, in that the software is pretty much already developed, and has been in Beta for some time now, so the Kickstarter funds will be used to get it over the line successfully and with a number of extras, especially the cloud service and the community server. This is a great idea, which brings huge possibilities in the future, such as being able to purchase game material from publishers that is then directly available in your gaming database for use.

I’d been watching the Realm Works page on Lone Wolf’s website for some time, and to be honest was getting a bit frustrated as the ‘Coming in …’ banner seemed to keep moving further into the future. I learnt about the Kickstarter quite late (thanks Thomas for commenting!!), so very pleased to have got into this in time – I’ve signed up at the Arctic Wolf level so I can get hold of the pre-release two months early šŸ™‚ Can’t wait longer …

It’s hard to completely tell from a few video clips and screenshots, but this application does seem to have many of the features that I described as a wish-list in my previous RPG Tech Talk: Taking Notes post, such as easy linking, snippets of information being combined in different ways, ability to handle PDFs and other media seamlessly etc, as well much much more! Check out the feature lists and videos on the project site for more info!

The KickstarterĀ still has a few days left to run, so there’s still time if you want to get in on the project – and only a little more is required to add a full module from Kobold Press/Open Design to the rewards! What’s not to like šŸ™‚

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