February Update

Well, here we are in the second month of 2013 already!! There’s a cliche in there somewhere … 🙂

January was a great month for TolrendorDM’s Blog: after ending 2012 on a high with the highest monthly total of hits; this month was near double!! Very pleasing, and it helps inspire me to continue a good level (for me…) of posting. Thanks to all who stopped by!

I was very happy to get two maps done for the blog: my normal Map of the Month column, which for the first time in some months featured my own work; and the first Cartographers Annual Challenge. I cross-posted both of these maps onto the Profantasy user forums, and was proud to see yesterday they’ve both been added to the ‘user round-up’  on their blog for January. If you want to see some of the great maps that people are creating with this software, keep a watch on this blog!!

So what’s to come in February? More of the same I hope 🙂 My review series on the Midgard Campaign Setting from Kobold Press will definitely complete. I’ve enjoying reviewing this product in detail and writing about it, and the posts have generated a lot of interest and views. More maps are on the horizon; the Annual Issue for February is a style for creating isometric building views. I have no idea how I will use that for the ‘Challenge’, so I’d better find my ‘Cap of Inspiration’. The first Content Corner column is also scheduled, an article on the Blue Riders, a mercenary company of the Havenscoast region.

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