December Update

It’s been a while since I did a beginning of the month update, generally because I like to highlight the upcoming posts, and to be brutally honest, there hasn’t been enough forward planning in recent times to support this! 😦

November was a good month for TolrendorDm’s World – we managed to have our busiest day ever in terms of hits, following the publication of the second part of the Midgard Campaign Setting review, and we passed a nice milestone in terms of overall hits. The absolute numbers are still pretty small compared to some of the big blogs out there, but I’m still pleased that we’re getting some traffic.

So what’s up for December? Well, as usual, the details are on the Content Calendar page. I’m hoping to get another two posts of the Midgard review completed – this setting book is such an interesting read; I’m very keen to share my views on it. RPG Tech talk is intended to make a re-appearance after a couple of months off – after some inspiration from a book I picked up recently, and more, of course…!!

To a steal a (Chief) kobold’s phrase: Onward!! 🙂


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