Wizards Watch: One Tale Ends…

Wizards Watch LogoSad news this week that Kobold Quarterly is to stop after more than 5 years of publication. Thankfully this only means the actual quarterly magazine, not the excellent PRG products published under the Open Design/Kobold Quarterly (and now Kobold Press) banner. Wolfgang Baur writes emotively about this decision, which has come about simply because he and his wife need a break from the workload. Its a massive shame, as KQ was one of the only professionally produced RPG magazines not tied to a specific game company, but on the other hand it is completely understandable. Kobold Press is becoming one of the best and most dynamic RPG companies around, with an ever-expanding product line, and I’m sure the kobolds are still pretty busy in their mines!

On that note, I’ve just received my hard-cover Patron Edition (No. 130/200!) of the Midgard Campaign Setting – a product I’ve begun reviewing, based on the PDF. I say just received, but I really mean just opened! Can you believe my wife stuck it in a pile while I was away on business … and only just remembered to tell me about it! 🙂 I had been about to contact the kobolds and see if their courier was lost!

Anyway, the key point is that I mentioned in my initial thoughts about the product how good it looked, and that was based on the electronic version. Well, all I can say is that the print edition really confirms this! The art work and layout look stunning, especially the full page spreads introducing each chapter. Its a proper A4 (roughly) size tome, with stitched binding and a bookmark ribbon. Quality all round!

KQ may have come to an end, but Kobold Press rolls on. Wolfgang, thanks for the great magazine, but I look forward to more great RPG products in the future!

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