Midgard Goodies

This post almost made it as my Tech Talk column of the month, or my Map of the Month … but in the end it stands on it’s own 🙂

The Midgard Campaign Setting is the upcoming product from Open Design (now Kobold Press) that brings the whole world of Zobeck to your gaming table! I admit to a certain amount of bias, as I’m a backer of this project, and have been (via Kickstarter) for a number of recent Open Design/Midgard projects, but I can’t think of any game design company at the moment that has as much verve and momentum as the ‘small but fierce’ kobolds lead by Wolfgang Baur!

Even so, it was a surprise to see them coming out with an iPad app! The Midgard Atlas is a simple little app that brings the splendour of Jonathan Roberts cartography to your tablet – along with clickable icons of some major cities that bring up a zoomable city map, and even some drifting clouds 🙂

All in all, its a neat little app. There is no background information, so its little more than a gimmick from an actual play perspective, and some people might find the $3.99 price a bit steep on that score (only compared to the content of other apps on the store – I certainly don’t think its an unreasonable price), but it’s a cool little gimmick, and worthy of the kobolds!

It will be interesting to see how (and if) this develops once the campaign setting is out!

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