Map of the Month: Earlsdale Interactive Map

This month’s Map of the Month column is another call-out to one of the awesome maps that are available out there on the internet. Grimur Fjeldsted is a cartographer that may be known to CC3 users, as his site MapVentures is linked from the Websites link on the main page. Here you can find many great maps produced using the Profantasy suite of tools.

However, I just came across this site a couple of days ago and had to share it! It is a beautiful interactive map implemented in Flash, allowing you to pan, zoom, select various views (political, trade etc), as well as highlight key locations to display an information box. Very cool – and almost became my RPG Tech Talk column 🙂 Check it out by clicking the image below:

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2 Responses to Map of the Month: Earlsdale Interactive Map

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  2. Grimur says:

    Thanks for the nice post. an updated version of the map (or more the world around Earlsdale) can be seen here


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