RPG Tech Talk: An e-Module Kickstarter

A few months back I talked about the potential of the new iBooks format for RPG publications – and in fact how I was a little underwhelmed by the iBooks Author software.

Well, now it seems that there is an interesting Kickstarter Project by Mike Bohlmann of bySwarm.com to try this out for real! There is a ‘Proof-of-Concept’ iBook that can be loaded to your iPad for a look at some of the interactive concepts that he intends to use – check it out! I especially liked the potential use of a widget displaying interactive web content using HTML 5! This opens up lots of cool possibilities.

Although I don’t use Pathfinder or the setting portrayed in the proposed adventure, I’m pretty sure I’m going to back this project as I can follow along with some of the technical ideas 🙂

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