Wizards Watch: I’ve got my kit!!

Wizards Watch LogoWell, I’ve downloaded the play test materials, so I guess I’m away with DnD Next! I’m not going to make any specific comments until I’ve had a chance to read fully and play at least one session with the kids.

2 things immediately struck me however:

* They’ve used the original ‘Caves of Chaos’ map from Keep on the Borderlands for the introductory scenario. This will be interesting as its a far different style of map from typical 4E adventures, which is what my kids are used to…

* Although it was heavily previewed, the initial playtest is about core rules, not character generation. The pre-gens have a background and a theme, but there are no options, just the 2nd and 3rd level additional abilities to add as you advance. I fully expect there to be a pile of complaint on the forums about this, despite the clear information !! πŸ™‚

OnΒ a negative note, there were clearly technical issues with the initial release of the playtest materials (although I was one of those that used a different email to sign-up than my DDI account email, and it didn’t seem to affect me..), but the vitriol on the forums just beggars belief! I cannot believe people saying stuff like “If I have to ring customer services, that will drive me to paizo”. I mean please … just grow up! Lets all try and make this process a positive one, so we can actually influence the game…

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2 Responses to Wizards Watch: I’ve got my kit!!

  1. DM-Dad says:

    Really like your blog. I have kids just starting to play and I feel some of your issues. I would take a look at the play test fine print. I think there was a NDA hidden in there wasn’t there? I have it also and I’m wondering about what the kids will make of the open-endedness of the module.

    • tolrendordm says:

      Hi DM-Dad, thanks for the comment. The FAQ on the play test was clear that you could discuss your experiences publicly, but couldn’t post excerpts etc. So get playing and commenting πŸ™‚

      Unfortunately real life has intervened and I haven’t managed a DnD Next session with the kids yet! I will probably ‘tone down’ the open-endedness initially and concentrate on the core ruleset itself, see how that plays. From my several readings of the rules so far I’m positive, but you need to see how the dice roll! πŸ™‚

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