April Update

As I mentioned in my ‘Map of the Month‘ column for March, the month really flew by. Once again I did manage to publish 7 posts, including all 5 of my regular columns, although it was touch and go. In fact my last column only got published in March by a bit of WordPress magic that I’d forgotten about 🙂 It was scheduled for March 30th, and I missed by a couple of days as it was still in Draft … but when I finally hit the button, it still showed up as published on the 30th – oops 🙂 In terms of hits I had another good month – less than February – but still considerably more than any other month!

So far, the target of 5 regular columns per month is having a significant positive effect on my posting. Having a range of standard topics is definitely helping my planning, as I have most of my column ideas plotted out until the end of June … but I’m still finding it hard to ‘get ahead’ on the columns that require the most time e.g. Content Corner and Map of the Month.

In March I also became a member of the RPG Blog Alliance, and with the more regular posting I hope to soon join the RPG Bloggers Network. I’m also targeting that if I keep up an average of 7 posts a month for the rest of 2012 I’ll hit the 100 post mark before the year is out … so let’s see 🙂

As usual, the proposed column posts for April are listed in the Content Calendar! More on the Havenscoast theme, and a look at iPad content publication, are in the works. It’s a busy month in real life (moving house…) so lets hope I can keep to schedule!

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