Map of the Month: Jonathan Roberts Style City Map

So March has flown by, and this column  missed the boat slightly in terms of publication, and significantly in terms of the content I had wanted to publish 😦

As the title suggests, my aim was to complete a set of map types using the Jon Roberts styles for Campaign Cartographer 3. I’ve managed Tactical Maps, an Overland Map, and this month it was the turn of the City Map. I decided to start with a reasonably small map, the town of Bradon in the Havenscoast region. The original hand-drawn map looked like this:

The Town of Bradon, the Havens coast

So off I went with a modern digital version! Unfortunately, as well as a lot of life stuff getting in the way, I discovered the City Designer add-in for CC3, which I’d never really used before, had a bit of a learning curve! I’m sure, like the other Profantasy tools, once I get used to it, productivity will follow … but unfortunately not in time for the March Map of the Month column, as you see 🙂

A lot of work to go 🙂 I think the style shows a lot of promise, so hopefully I’ll get to post the full version in time!

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