Content Corner: Havenscoast Overview

Content Corner LogoBack in the day, the D&D products I used to like more than any other were ‘Gazetteer’ style guides, like the original Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms products. I used to peruse these voraciously. Strangely, I seldom ran adventures using these products, but more used them as inspiration for building my own world, Tolrendor!

The Havenscoast Project is my personal project to update all the reams of notes I created for one region of my world into the 4E (and I guess eventually D&D Next…) rule-set. This is quite a big task, and has taken a bit of back-seat lately as I’ve tried to concentrate on both this blog, and my kids’ campaign. However I hope in the coming months that this project will contribute quite a lot to this column!

This month’s Map of the Month column showed off my latest map of the Havenscoast region. I’ve now started on a Gazetteer of the region, which I’ll be looking to update over a number of columns. It’s only an ‘Overview’ at the moment, but I’m looking forward to this growing:

 Havenscoast Gazetteer

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