Beautiful Greyhawk Maps

For all Greyhawk fans out there, I came across this wonderful site recently – a project looking to map the entire Flanaess in a wonderful style, with a textured look reminiscent of satellite imagery.

All the research and cartography is carried out by a lady called Anna Meyer, and her enthusiam and love of the Greyhawk setting really shows though.

An example, covering the City of Greyhawk of course (!), is shown on the left; I strongly recommend that you take the time for a browse on the site, its really something!

I always loved the Greyhawk setting, although I seldom actually ran adventures in the Flanaess, as it more inspired me to create my own detailed settings, but when you see it mapped this beautifully…

And for all cartography buffs, check this out … have you ever seen a more beautiful (effective) layout of a map key? 🙂

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2 Responses to Beautiful Greyhawk Maps

  1. tolrendordm says:

    I used to love those hex poster maps! Unfortunately I let my boxed set go a few years ago – regret it now 😦
    Yes it would be great if Greyhawk made a re-appearance with DnD Next!

  2. Geek Ken says:

    Nice find. I have a soft spot for Greyhawk also. Hope WotC considers giving it some love with DnDNext (not to mention the re-release of the AD&D core books this spring).

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