February Update

Well, 2012 has certainly started with a bang in the RPG world, with the announcement that Wizards are working on the next edition of Dungeons and Dragons. At the very least it gives us all something new to blog about! 🙂

January was a very successful month from my perspective. At the end of 2011, I posted my intention to concentrate on a small number of distinct columns, to give myself a realistic target of consistent posting.  At the end of the month, I am very pleased that I managed to produce a solid debut column for each of the planned columns. Even more encouraging, the challenge of having several specific column themes has helped focus my ideas, so I have several months worth of post outlines and/or notes in the pipeline.

Looking forward to my Feburary columns, a couple of themes will evident:

  • the topical subject of DnD Next will be touched on in a couple of posts.
  • my ‘content’ columns will concentrate on the ‘Havenscoast Project’ which I kicked off some time ago, but to date haven’t made much progress on!

I’ve also created a permanent ‘Content Calendar’ page (link at top-right of the blog). This will maintain a record of previous published content, and also have the planned publication schedule for the current month (which will of course be a living document and subject to change…).

Finally, a key target for the end of this month, especially if I can continue my regular posting schedule, is to join one (or more) of the RPG syndicated feeds. This hopefully will help to drive up the views on the blog!

Happy Gaming!


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