January Update

Six days on from my ‘Taking Stock…‘ post, and already I feel like things have changed for the better! Of course this is common to New Year’s resolutions: start off with a hiss and bang with post holiday energy … and then fade out as reality bites once again! 🙂

Still, so far I’ve drafted the debut post for most of my columns, and I’ve got outlines fleshed out for planned February posts, so a bit of a pipeline building already. Can’t complain!

In January, look out for the following posts:

Wizards Watch: Christmas Presents – published already on the 4th. A look at some holiday season offerings on the Wizards website.

[Update]Content Corner: Buying a Horse… will be published on the 11th is now published, and presents a Skill Challenge centred round an adventurers’ shopping expedition!

[Update]Map of the Month: Jonathan Roberts Style Battlemaps. Scheduled for the 18th Jan. is now published!

[Edit – Column Renamed]Campaigning with KidsDM for Kids: The Menagerie. Look out on the 25th Jan as the intrepid adventurers … and their beastie companions, roll into town.[Update] Now published!

[Update] RPG Tech Talk: 5E Tech. We round out the month on the 31st with a discussion of my tech tools for Campaign info. Given the major announcement from Wizards of the Coast, the topic was changed a look at potential technology options for the next iteration of D&D! The column was published on Jan 31st.

Hope your gaming 2012 has started well!


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