A Merry Gaming Christmas …

So what gaming goodness did Santa bring you, and what did you give a fellow gamer??

Well, from the list from the left, I was lucky enough to receive Player’s Option: Heroes of the Feywild! Very much looking forward to perusing this in depth – I’m sure I’ll be posting some comments here in the coming weeks!

I also had the pleasure of seeing my son open his new Lizardmen Warhammer Fantasy army set. Lots of fun assembling and painting, and of course battling, ahead …

So we can’t complain in this household, how about you??

I hope you’ve all got some fun gaming activities planned for the holiday period! In my kids’ 4E campaign, the PCs are currently halfway up an evil sentient tree in a dark Fey forest, trying to rescue a unicorn foal. Looking forward to the Boxing Day session…

Meery Christmas All, and Happy Gaming!

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