Well …

… that went well, didn’t it – NOT!

There was me in my second to last post, looking forward to the Havencoast project i.e. converting one of the best detailed areas of Tolrendor from its AD&D 2E days into 4E. Lots and fun posting…

And then 4 months passed 😦

Oh, I’ve got excuses:

  • Moved house – temporarily and unwillingly due to a major leak and insurance fun …
  • Work intruding – I work in IT in the banking industry, so you can imagine how much fun that is at the moment …
  • My mother visiting from NZ for 3 months – all good times of course – but it doesn’t leave much spare time!
But at the end of the day, that’s all they are, excuses!! Still disappointed I haven’t kept up the posting. In fact I’ve hardly done anything gaming at all. Kids are upset with me about that as well 🙂
But hopefully things are on the up. My friend is here next weekend from Bangkok, and D&D is on the agenda!! We only have a day or so, so it’ll be some ‘dip-in’ stuff – back to Restwell Keep and the Chaos Scar. Looking forward to it!

Anyway, hopefully this won’t be the last post for 4 months…

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