The End of a Great Carnival!!

The April RPG Blog Carnival, featuring RPG Cartography, has just finished over at ‘A Character for Every Game’.

It’s been a great month, with 100s of superb posts, and I’m really pleased that I managed to contribute a couple of times, as Maps and Cartography are one of the primary reasons I enjoy our hobby so much (as I’ve posted here…).

I also wanted to thank Dyson (from ‘A Character for Every Game’) for hosting the Carnival, and for his massive effort in compiling a great summary of all the month’s posts. As a new blog on the scene, I fully appreciate getting a link in from one of the best and most prolific blogs out there. I’ve had more hits on the site since Dyson put his summary up than in total before that!!

The April Carnival might be over, but the magic of maps never ends…!

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