RPG Cartography – RPG Blog Carnival Entry!!

Tolrendor DM’s Blog is pretty brand new, and one of its key themes, as in fact I’d already posted here, is the subject of Maps and RPGs. So this seems like a great place to start my entry! Hope you enjoy it!

Right at the moment, my main role-playing focus is a D&D 4E role-playing campaign with my children. As such, I’m trying to concentrate most on getting exciting adventures underway – the world-building aspect of being a DM, which is probably my first love, is taking a bit of a back-seat. Kids, obviously, just want to get in there and have at it … so a large portion of my RPG Cartography currently is focussed on Battlemaps!

To try to reduce the time it takes me to put a session together, I have started using Dungeon Tiles from various sources, but they still leave me slightly unsatisfied! Nothing beats (for me…) making your own maps. Unfortunately, I am in no way an artist, so freehand maps of

the quality of some of the others Carnival entries are beyond me, but using Campaign Cartographer 3 I’ve been turning out some maps that I’m pretty pleased with. Here are a few examples:

Shrine of Tiamat

Can the heroes stop the Kobold Priest’s evil ritual in time to save Borg’s father? Or will the dark spell complete, and another Dragonkin abomination be created …

 It’s been a hard day’s dungeon, and all you want is the local Inn … but what waits outside the entrance to the ruins…?? (This was my take on the encounter map for ‘Kill the Messengers’ the Celebrity Game Event scenario run by Chris Perkins at GenCon 2010).



  My take on the Silver Unicorn Inn in Fallcrest!